Trim Motor Honda 135HP 4-Stroke


Trim Motor Honda 135HP 4-Stroke

Trim motor Honda 135 HP 4-stroke

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Trim motor for Honda 135HP 4-stroke.

Honda part number: 36120-ZY6-013

Features of the trim motor Honda 36120-ZY6-013:

Dimensions between centers: 65 - 65 - 65 - 65 mm
Circular platinum diameter: 71 mm
Platinum height: 5 mm
Shaft diameter: 8 mm
Shaft length: 3 mm
Type of shaft: Beveled
Connectors: 2 round pods
Mounting: 4 holes
Seal included

The measurement data are given to the half millimeter. In case of doubt, contact us.

BF135A4 THE CRAZY-1000001-1099999
BF135A4 XA-CRAZY-1000001-1099999
BF135A4 XCA BASJ-1000001-1099999
BF135A5 THE CRAZY-1100001-1199999
BF135A5 XA-CRAZY-1100001-1199999
BF135A5 XCA BASJ-1100001-1199999
BF135A6 THE CRAZY-1200001-1299999
BF135A6 XA-CRAZY-1200001-1299999
BF135A6 XCA BASJ-1200001-1299999
BF135AK0 THE CRAZY-1300001-9999999
BF135AK0 XA-CRAZY-1300001-9999999
BF135AK0 XCA BASJ-1300001-9999999
BF135AK2 THE CRAZY-1400001-9999999
BF135AK2 XA-CRAZY-1400001-9999999
BF135AK2 XCA BASJ-1400001-9999999

Genuine part : no

  • Type of part : Trim motor
  • Motorization : 135HP
  • Can be mounted on : Honda
  • Cycle 4-Stroke
  • Genuine part : no

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